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Unified – Results you can measure.

Nearly 3,000 children and adults received training in 2009 at our 70 brain training centers throughout the United States. Some were college students. Others were career or senior adults. Many were students struggling to do better in school.

At LearningRx, we measure the cognitive skills of every student before and after brain training. In other words, we not only get unmatched results from our brain training programs, we are able to measure those results scientifically. (You can see more studies here).

In the following report, you’ll find proof of the life-changing gains our students experience as a result of one-on-one brain training at LearningRx. For example, did you know that …

… Dollar per dollar, brain training is 7 times more effective than tutoring? (Want the details? You’ll find them on page 18).

… LearningRx brain training raises IQ by an average of 15 points, which statistics link to higher salaries? (How much higher? See the numbers on page 19).

… Students who come to us with reading struggles gain an average of 2.9 years of reading skills in a matter of months? (How many months? See page 12)

Changes that last a lifetime.

Our results will wow you. But the most compelling evidence of what we do isn’t found on a chart. Instead, it’s being lived out in the day-to-day experiences of children and adults whose lives are better in some way as a result of the brain training they received at LearningRx.

Kids and adults who participate in LearningRx brain training raise their IQs, think faster, learn easier and have better memory skills and concentration. As a result, they perform better in the classroom, on the athletic field and even behind the wheel of a car. They report having greater confidence in academics and in life. They’re more likely to go to college. They have an edge in their careers. And because there’s a link between IQ and income, they’re even likely to make more money.

The results are in. Brain training changes lives. How will it change yours?

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